5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Germany

Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and the North Sea beaches. It has more than two millennia of history. The capital is Berlin and this is home to art and nightlife scenes, the Brandenburg Gate and many sites relating to WWII. Munich is acquainted for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus. Frankfurt, with its high-rise building, houses the European Central Bank. 1. Berlin Germany’s capital city has experienced a renaissance as of late, with new hotels and restaurants opening amid the historic museums and landmarks. Berlin pays homage to its more dark past with powerful and humbling attractions like the Murdered Jews Memorial and Topography of Terror museum. But beautiful sites like the 630-acre Tiergarten and vibrant festivals like the Carnival of Cultures and the Festival of Lights are sure to impress travelers. 2. Munich Visitors flock to Munich every fall to take part in Oktoberfest, a two-week-long festival featuring Germany’s best beer and bratwurst. But Munich is so much more than just this bout. The city offers amazing gardens, exquisite churches, and attractive museums to explore. 3. Cologne Set on the Rhine River, Cologne is characterized by art, culture, and history. The gothic Cologne Cathedral, the colorful botanical gardens, and the several museums attract travelers to this German city. While much of Cologne was destroyed during World War II, the town has tirelessly rebuilt and restored critical cultural sites, but still maintains its character in the historic Old Town; a can’t-miss stop. 4. Hamburg Hamburg is home to one of the biggest ports in Europe, and the Elbe River and hundreds of canals flow through the city center. Hamburg is easy to explore on foot – many of its top attractions are clustered in the center – and travelers should be sure to check out the Old Elbe Tunnel and Platen un Blomen park. Music lovers will want to catch a show at the new Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, which features two concert halls and a plaza that provides sweeping city views.  5. Dusseldorf Another famous German attraction located along the Rhine, Dusseldorf welcomes tourists to stroll along its waterfront walkway and soak up the culture in its Old Town. The city brims with various green places for recreation and upscale stores and boutiques for the shopaholics. Top 8 Things to Eat while in Germany: Spätzle Bratwurst Currywurst Bratkartoffeln Sauerbraten Maultaschen Leberkäse Schnitzel Grand old cathedrals and grand palaces are everywhere, and in the smaller towns and villages – some with their original medieval Old Towns still intact – many centuries-old traditions, including traditional Christmas markets, festivals, and fairs, continues to this day.

Must-Visit Attractions in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of 2 main islands. The capital of NZ is Wellington on the North Island. This is home to Te Papa Tongarewa, the expansive national museum.  8. Wellington With a big identity, Wellington is a small city. It’s kinky, arty and full of character. This seaside capital is a city, different from any other with its funky side streets, pop up eating house and weekend markets.  7. Hokitika Gorge Hokitika Gorge is located in NZ’s South Island and due to a natural and absolute cocktail of glacier water, plankton and a few other ingredients the river is a vibrant blue. But be careful, the water is freezing, and there are strong currents in places so be warned! 6. Mount Maunganui Regularly voted one of New Zealand’s greatest beaches, it’s not hard to enjoy why Mount Maunganui is so famous. Not only is this cool seaside town the ideal getaway brimming with trendy cafes and restaurants, but it is also as excellent as a picture.  5. Hobbiton As an onerous Lord of the Rings fan, traveling Hobbiton had been on my New Zealand must do schedule, and it did not discourage! The Shire was exactly as I had expected it to be and more, and I felt instantly whisked away to the magical place of Middle Earth.  4. Cathedral Cove Another one of New Zealand’s famous beaches, Cathedral Cove is a marine reserve located on The Coromandel peninsula. The beach is only accessible by a 30-minute track from the nearest carpark, winding your way through native bush and past stunning cliff faces you will eventually end up on this gorgeous stretch of sand.  3. Rotorua The town of Rotorua is one of the unique sites in the world, sitting on top of a volcanic plate the strong smell of sulfur welcomes you into the city. Wai-O-Tapu is a geothermal wonderland, complete with exploding geysers, brightly colored lakes, hot springs, and steaming craters.  2. Milford Sound Milford Sound is the most visited Fiordland in the South East corner of NZ. This is the home to jagged cliffs, cascading waterfalls and mysterious air. Cruising through The Sounds was, without a doubt, one of the best things I got in New Zealand.  1. Queenstown This amazing town is everything Kiwi rolled into one. The landscape is just wonderful, I mean, look at that photo?! New Zealand is the home of adventure, and Queenstown is its adrenaline pumping capital. Bungy jumping, skydiving, mountain biking, luging, here you can do it all. This was such a hard list to put together as entirely; frankly, all of New Zealand is incredible. It has it all: mountains, lakes, glaciers, caves, beaches, cities and more.

Denmark’s Most Beautiful Places to Visit

Denmark has a wide variety of places of natural beauty waiting to be searched. With the encouragement from the Danish Nature Agency, we’ve gathered 9 of the best places in Denmark. So take out of your camera and start crossing these natural charms off your bucket list! And, be sure to take your loved ones and/or best friends, as this little gem is awesome! We took our family and friends to celebrate 10 years in business together (www.MesaPaintingPros.com). It was well worth it! Check out these places: 1. Thy National Park Head out into the untouched dunes, twisted forests and traditional seaside villages of Denmark’s wildest national park. You’ll quickly see why the local rhythms and traditions in and around Thy National Park are shaped by the mighty North Sea, at places like Cold Hawaii and Stenbjerg. 2. Wander through the Danish dessert, Råbjerg Mile Råbjerg Mile is one of the most massive migrating dunes in Europe. The 40 meters high dune forms a small desert of about one square kilometer and moves by an average of 15 meters per year to the northeast. Only one question remains: Where are the camels? 3. Visit Rubjerg Knude before it’s too late Close by Lønstrup; you will find the massive and impressive Rubjerg Knude. It is located 90 meters above sea level, and it is still growing in size. It is a stunning natural scenery where the ocean and sand is a piece of very dramatic evidence to the fact that the sea is eating land, and several meters disappears every year. 4. Head to Jægersborg Deer Park (Dyrehaven) Jægersborg Deer Park is 15 km north of Copenhagen. This is one of the most attractive natural sites in Denmark. Here you can get up close to around 2,000 deer, that are undisturbed by human presence. The park also takes on the world’s oldest amusement park, Bakken. 5. Hunt for trolls in Rold Forest Ok, the elves left this area a few centuries (or fantasy novels) ago, but their old stomping ground, the creepy Troll Forest area with gnarled and crooked tree forms remains. Rold Forest also happens to be Denmark’s second largest, covering an area of 80 km2, so there’s plenty of space for you to hike through ancient pine trees and beech trees. 6. Hike in Svanninge Bakker on Fyn The Svanninge Hills, just northeast of Faaborg, is epitomized by winding roads, hedgerows, and charming half-timbered houses. From the hills, you have stunning views to the southwest and across the South Funen Archipelago. 7. Experience the Wadden Sea and its world heritage The Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) national park has more than 30 islands and is one of the world’s most important habitats for waterfowl. Here you can witness the phenomenal Black Sun, created when tens of thousands of starlings fly together in unusual dark patterns on the sky. 8. The never-ending beaches on the West Coast You can put out your time exploring the wide, sandy beaches and expansive dunes of the West Jutland coast. The sea is uneven here than in other parts of Denmark, making these beaches amazing water sports areas. If you’re looking for more family places for swimming, try the coastal area around Limfjord. 9. Island hop in the South Fyn Archipelago A popular area for yachtsmen, the many islands within the archipelago are diverse and offer their own unique experiences, but all are peaceful. Wander around their cozy villages and quaint harbors. You can reach the islands from Jutland and Fyn by small ferry boats.

Safest countries in the world to visit

It is so great to visit different countries and to enjoy the different experiences. However, with some of the countries that are so dangerous these days, we don’t want to visit a country that will risk our lives. This is why it is important to make sure that you know what the safest countries in the world is to visit before you actually start making plans. This is information about how you can find the safest countries to visit and some of the countries that you can visit at the moment.  Finding the safest countries to visit at the moment What might be safe at the moment, might not be safe within a week or two. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you know how to find the safest countries to visit. The first thing that you should do is to do research. Watch the news, read online news reports about the country and threats that might occur during the time that you are planning to stay there. This will give you a clear indication if the country is going to be safe, or risky when you are visiting it.  Some of the countries that you can visit now If you know the different countries that you can visit now, that are safe and secure, then you will not have to worry about searching and finding a place where you and your family can be safe. However, as said before what might be safe now, might not be safe within the next couple of weeks. These are countries that you can visit, without putting yourself or family at risk. Iceland  Portugal Japan Ireland Australia Tips when you are visiting countries that might not be as safe  When you already have booked a ticket to a country that might not be safe, there are a couple of things that you can do to stay safe. You should not have any valuables with you and you should travel in groups. Don’t tell anyone that you are a tourist and make sure that you stay away from the places that are dangerous. It is a great idea to know the different countries that are safe to visit. Especially if this is the first time that you are going on an overseas holiday. With this guide, you will not only know the safest countries at the moment, but you will also know how to find a safe country that you can visit.