Is Myanmar a Beautiful Country?

Many of you have heard about how beautiful Myanmar is. Well, nothing beats the beauty of Myanmar. Talk about the strong ethnic heritage, breathtaking natural beauty and the never-ending landscape with hundreds of gilded pagodas. This country is totally irresistible. So now you want to ask, is Myanmar a beautiful country? It definitely is! Myanmar is a road less traveled Even though Myanmar is becoming more famous with more and more tourists visiting from all sides of the world, it remains an off-the-beaten path. That means, it has preserved its natural beauty in spite of the hundreds of tourists visiting every year. Myanmar has mouth-watering cuisines Did you know that Myanmar is home to hundreds of ethnic groups that bring different flavors to the table? Yes, that is true! The traditional Burmese dishes such as laphet thoke – a tea leaf salad, mont hin ga – a breakfast noodle dish, or nan gyi thoke – a chicken curry salad with thick rice noodles are some of the few things you should try. The locals in Myanmar are friendly Individuals of Myanmar are the absolute most amiable and hottest local people I’ve met during my movements, not just around Asia. They are not (yet) ruined by the mass travel industry, they are straightforward and accommodating. Because of this, it pays to know a little about their language. The Royal Mandalay is something you should see Situated in focal Myanmar on the banks of Ayeyarwady River there is Mandalay, the second-biggest city in Myanmar and the last illustrious capital established by King Mindon in the nineteenth century. Mandalay is something beyond a business, instructive and wellbeing focal point of the nation. The vibe of this city will get under your skin not to mention the 700 pagodas, which you can discover here. It is ultimately stunning and the novel mix of current turn of events and history will make you begin to look all starry eyed at it. Witness as many pagodas as you can in the city of Bagan The city of Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar. Every tourist who visits here can testify how they are immediately enchanted by its mystical appearance. The desert-like condition with orange sand is studded with a huge number of sanctuaries and stupas that ascend over the shelter of trees and together they present a truly amazing view for guests.

Best Vacation Beach House in England

As you already know, England is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It is the seat of London Eye and people go here mainly for city escapades. However, did you know that England is also home to various beautiful beach houses? In this blog, we are going to share to you a selection of properties for those who love to be by the sea. Check this out! Downsteps Beach House Located near Start Bay, The Downsteps Beach House is a beautiful 200-year old fisherman’s cottage. Just as the name says, it has steps that lead you from a wonderful garden to a shingle beach. It offers a great view of the beautiful ocean and gives you a breath of fresh air throughout your stay. Castaways Castaways is a gorgeous beach house located in Sennen, Cornwall that features a light and spacious cottage. We love how it offers a fusion of old and new setting with a stunning view of the sea.  The sheltered garden is a plus for this place.  You’re also going to love the cozy bedrooms and neatly decorated walls.  Castaways is definitely one of our favorites. You should check this hotel when visiting England. Avernish Lodge This cottage in Ross-shire might look rugged outside but it is definitely modern inside. This lodge only has 2 bedrooms but it offers the most scenic view from the open-plan living area. This is a perfect place if you want to get away from the daily hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy cycling, mountain-biking or walking on the beach side. The areas are a bit secluded and tranquil – we just loved the vibe! House on Beach Just as the name says, House on Beach is a private beach house that offers a perfect New England setting. It’s close to Fishbourne and Ryde and has a great view across the Solent. It has a spacious lawn where kids can play games or have a picnic. You can even take a short walk to Quarr Abbey. All you need to simply follow the coastal path. In Quarr Abbey, there is a café that lets you feed pigs, which can be a quite fun experience for kids. Its kid-friendly setting makes it a favorite among family travelers.